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Destination: Amazing Smiles.

What if achieving a straight and beautiful smile could feel more like an adventure rather than an anxiety-inducing trip to the dentist? What if the experience of the journey was inspiring, intelligent, and innovative? Where could your smile take you?

Our family dentist in Luling, TX, can make that a reality! We believe you should wear your best smile every day.

Patients of all ages can visit our dental professionals for the general dental services that improve the health and appearance of smiles. Our compassionate dentist and team will educate you about dental hygiene and help improve your oral health when we offer preventive, children’s, restorative, and general dentistry services in Luling, Texas,

At Crossroads Dental, we aren’t constrained by borders, boundaries, or rules. We join you on your unique adventure to a smile that’s YOU, even if it means traveling uncharted territories and making new discoveries along the trail.

Your journey is as unique as your smile, which is why we aim to INSPIRE you along the paths to persevere and take control of your dental health with confidence. No journey is complete without exploring and discovering the unknown, which is why we commit to sharing our expertise and INTELLIGENCE along the way to make your journey smart and cutting-edge. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with our family dentist in Luling, TX!

What we do:

Crossroads Dental hygiene team member demonstrating proper teeth brushing procedure to a pediatric patient

General Dentistry

Your entire family can experience our dentist’s excellent care when you visit our practice for general dentistry in Luling, Texas. Our experienced dental team uses the latest technology to protect and repair teeth with dental treatments and procedures like:
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  • Dental Bonding

    Our skilled dentist can repair chipped teeth and improve the beauty of your smile through dental bonding treatments. Our dentist will match this composite resin material to your tooth color so it will blend in as it restores and improves the structure and appearance of your smile.
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  • Dental Fillings

    If plaque acids have caused decay in your smile, come to Crossroads Dental for a dental filling. Our dental professionals will remove the decayed tissues and restore their structure with a filling so you can have a healthy, functional smile once again.
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  • Dental Hygiene

    You can gain a healthier smile at home after our dentist provides you with dental hygiene instructions. When you visit Crossroads Dental, we will educate you about the best methods for brushing and flossing your teeth.
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  • Tooth Extractions

    If you have a severely damaged tooth that our dentist cannot repair with a restoration, then we may recommend a tooth extraction. Our dentist will only perform this service if it is necessary for maintaining excellent oral health.
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Pediatric Dentistry

Children as young as infants can receive preventive and restorative dental treatments at Crossroads Dental when we provide them with children’s dentistry in Luling, Texas. Our pediatric dentist offers all of the treatments your child needs to have a healthy mouth, including:
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  • Digital Photography & X-Rays

    Our dentist and team can more thoroughly examine your child’s growing smile when we take digital photos and X-rays. We use these advanced tools at Crossroads Dental because they show us more areas of your child’s mouth so we can offer better care for it.
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  • Fluoride Treatment

    Your children’s teeth can become more resistant to cavities when you bring them to Crossroads Dental for a fluoride treatment. Our pediatric dentist helps rebuild and strengthen the tooth enamel using fluoride so that your child can have a healthier smile.
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  • Pulpotomy

    If the inner pulp tissues of one of your child’s teeth have become infected, bring them to Crossroads Dental for a pulpotomy. This procedure is a type of root canal treatment for children, and our skilled pediatric dentist will perform it with gentle care.
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  • Teeth Cleanings & Polishings

    Our pediatric dentist can make sure your children’s teeth are strong and healthy by performing regular teeth cleanings and polishing. Our dentist will scale away the plaque and tartar that collect on teeth in order to prevent cavities.
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  • Sedation Dentistry

    Our sedation options help your child feel comfortable at our office and relax, allowing us to successfully perform the dental services they need to have a strong, healthy smile.
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Restorative Dentistry

Broken and missing teeth can ruin the appearance of your smile and the function of your bite. We welcome you to visit our dentist for restorative dentistry in Luling, Texas. We offer durable, quality dental prosthetics at Crossroads Dental which will have you smiling once again. Some of our restorations include:
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  • Dental Bridges

    Our dentist can replace your missing teeth with a beautiful, durable dental bridge. Our dentist attaches this restoration over the teeth neighboring an empty space, stabilizing the tooth replacement that fills this gap.
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  • Dental Crowns

    Our dentist and team can protect and restore a weak or broken tooth when we cap it with a dental crown. We offer this restoration at Crossroads Dental to prevent oral bacteria from harming the soft pulp tissues inside of your tooth.
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  • Dentures

    We can restore the function, structure, and appearance of your smile at Crossroads Dental with our custom dentures. Our dentist helps create these durable tooth replacements so that they will look beautiful and fit comfortably in your mouth.
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