The Best Smiles are Possible with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Care


If you do not know what baby bottle tooth decay is, it is an oral health ailment in children caused by the corrosion of their tooth enamel via acids often associated with sugary sweets found in baby bottles. If you want to ensure the success of your child’s smile, focus on baby bottle tooth decay care.

The best smiles are possible with baby bottle tooth decay care. Facts about baby bottle tooth decay include:

– While your child rests, remove any bottle from their mouth to ensure proper breathing can occur and that liquid is not pooling up in their mouth.
– Buy toothpaste for your infant child that has been approved by your pediatrician or has been given the ADA Seal of Acceptance ensuring its safety for the required age range.
– Use a spot of toothpaste roughly the size of a grain of rice to brush your child’s teeth each session.
– For no reason should you ever share or use products and pacifiers with your children, as this can easily lead to contamination and cause bacteria to spread.
– Exercise caution when giving your child a baby bottle with sugary products in it.
– As soon as a baby’s first tooth breaches the gum line around 6 months of age, it is at risk for damage and decay and should be treated.

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