Discussing Dental Fillings with your Child


Cavities happen all the time in children’s baby teeth, it’s fairly common, and this is why you shouldn’t blame yourself or your child if they develop a cavity. Even if you have your child clean their teeth regularly, a cavity could happen due to honest mistakes such as forgetting to brush certain areas. No matter how it happens, the solution is a simple dental filling treatment.

The hardest part about this treatment is discussing it with your child. Children typically are not fond of going to the dentist, and the prospect of going to see their dentist, Dr. Christine Hervas can be especially frightening. The staff of Crossroads Dental would like to help you discuss their treatment in a way that is conducive to easing your child’s fears.

Be at ease when talking this treatment over with your child. Children can pick up on your anxiety, so if you have any, try your best to hide it so that your child won’t pick up on it. Also, you should try to be positive when you speak to them about their cavity. Avoid using negative or blaming language. You may want to tell them “I warned you to take better care of your teeth”, but it’s not helpful and will upset your child. Just let them know that Dr. Christine Hervas is going to fix their cavity.

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