Do Kids need Their Cavities Filled?


It’s a fight parents have fought with their young ones for quite a long time – do I fill the cavities in their baby teeth or not? After all, kids aren’t known for enjoying dental fillings, and getting them to our Crossroads Dental office in Luling, Texas, for a filling isn’t always the easiest thing.

However, it is worth the battle. Kids need their cavities filled, and the rest of this post will tell you exactly why.

Important for oral health

Your children’s oral health is at a huge risk of deterioration if you let cavities go untreated. Left alone, cavities eat away at an entire tooth, killing it and causing decay – and even tooth death – in surrounding teeth. If you want your child to have the best oral health possible, you need to have their cavities filled.

Harms adult teeth

Filling a cavity in a tooth that’s going to fall out anyways seems redundant, right? Well, as we mentioned above, cavities do an excellent job of decaying teeth around them. That includes the adult teeth sitting underneath your child’s baby teeth.

Increased comfort

Lastly, your children will be much happier when they’re not dealing with teeth that constantly ache and bother them. After the filling they’ll be much happier, and may even tell you thanks!

If your children need fillings, or you want to have them checked for cavities, call us today at 830.261.3336 to make an appointment.