Preventing Dental Fluorosis


What have you heard about fluoride? Would you be surprised to hear that it is often added to water to prevent cavities? While most people argue that fluoride is useful, did you know that consuming too much fluoride might cause fluorosis?

Luckily, fluorosis isn’t something that can cause serious issues, but it could be extremely embarrassing since fluorosis can cause white or brown spots or unusual lines to appear on your smile. Since children are already exposed to fluoride because it’s added to drinking water, it’s important that you monitor the amount of toothpaste they put on their toothbrush. We also recommend giving your child fluoride-free toothpaste until they can spit it out on their own.

Finally, please remember that fluorosis can only impact your little one’s teeth while they’re forming, meaning adults don’t have to worry about this issue. If you think that your child is dealing with fluorosis, we suggest setting up an appointment with us. We’ll gladly examine your children’s teeth and help you improve the look of your smile.

If you’d like to learn more about fluorosis in Luling, Texas, please feel free to give Crossroads Dental a call at 830.261.3336. Our dentist, Dr. Christine Hervas, and our team will be happy to examine your teeth and offer you specific advice. We’re eager to receive your call!