Pulling Your Children’s Teeth: The Facts


You may already know that your children should lose their teeth when they’re around six years old. You may also be aware that your children’s pearly whites don’t always fall out when you think they should. Still, do you actually know when your kid’s teeth should be falling out or what you can do to help them lose their baby teeth?

In general, it’s best if your child’s teeth falls out on their own. However, if the tooth fails to fall naturally, you should contact our team. Typically, children lose their first tooth around the age of six and once their tooth becomes loose, it’s very important that you teach your kids to wiggle their tooth on their own. Please remember to teach them to use their tongue to wiggle their tooth.

Still, if your little one is struggling to get their loose tooth out on their own, you might need to help them—but please don’t help them too early. We generally recommend waiting until the tooth is extremely loose or is dangling from their gums. Moreover, your children shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort when you touch their tooth. Also, be aware that it’s best to use a twisting motion. You should also remember to use a clean cloth or gauze when you pull their tooth.

If you’re concerned about your child’s teeth in Luling, Texas, please feel free to contact Crossroads Dental by calling us at 830.261.3336. Our dentist, Dr. Christine Hervas, and our team will gladly address any questions you could have. We’re eager to meet with you.