Tips for Treating Thumb Sucking


Did you know that thumb sucking is actually harmful to a child’s oral health? Thumb sucking is the process with which a child resorts to sucking their thumb, often to hide away or give themselves a sense of protection. However, it can lead to oral health damage so it should be discouraged whenever possible. Listed below are tips for treating thumb sucking:

– Children can slow and alter the growth of their teeth by thumb sucking.
– Although many individuals may see pacifiers as a positive alternative to thumb sucking, the truth is that pacifiers can lead to the same type of misalignments of a smile.
– If your child continues to suck their thumb past the age of 4, their pediatrician can prescribe a foul-tasting substance to place on their thumbs to discourage thumb sucking.
– Children often depend on thumb sucking as a security blanket to help them with security issues, so always strive to build confidence in your child, and praise them when they do not suck their thumbs.
– Thumb sucking can also send outside bacteria to a child’s mouth, which can increase their likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.
– Thumb sucking can cause malocclusions and alter the alignment of teeth in a child’s mouth.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for correcting your child’s thumb sucking habits. You are welcome to book an oral exam with Dr. Christine Hervas at our pediatric office in Luling, Texas, by calling us at 830.261.3336. Our team at Crossroads Dental looks forward to bringing your child’s smile back to its fullest.