4 Advantages of Dental Veneers


Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dental care procedure that can improve the appearance and function of your smile. Instead of spending weeks or months gradually changing your teeth with braces or whitening, Crossroads Dental dental veneers can offer you a new smile in just a few appointments.

Dental veneers are a minimally invasive way to give yourself the smile makeover you want without undergoing aggressive treatment, and the results are life-changing. If you’ve been thinking about getting veneers, Dr. Caroline Jones will be happy to provide you with a customized evaluation.

What are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are made up of thin layers of porcelain that are affixed to the front of your teeth. Dr. Caroline Jones bonds the thin porcelain shell on your teeth with minimal preparation to your tooth enamel. The veneer, sometimes known as a “false face,” masks any flaws or blemishes in your smile. Veneers can be installed alongside one another, significantly improving your entire smile as opposed to just one or two teeth.

How Veneers Can Help

Dental veneers are comprised of long-lasting, high-quality materials that do not discolor like enamel. Instead, they retain their brightness over time. Veneers are used strictly for the purpose of improving the appearance of your front teeth. You can brighten and balance your smile by correcting issues related to tooth shape, color, or alignment. Best of all, with Crossroads Dental’s minimally invasive veneers, you’ll see a difference right away.

1. Increased Self-Confidence

If you feel self-conscious about your teeth, it may be difficult for you to talk in public, laugh around friends, or even take part in a photoshoot with people you care about. Once the veneers have changed your smile, you will feel more confident in front of others (and the mirror!)

2. You’ll Smile More

You’ll find yourself smiling more frequently now that you love the way your teeth look. Feel free to strike up a discussion and create an excellent first impression, which may have made you nervous before getting a smile makeover.

3. A Healthier-Looking Smile

Dental veneers match the color of your existing teeth or the shade of your preference, making them appear natural yet attractive. Not only that, but veneers improve the appearance of your bite by covering up any gaps or imperfections in your smile alignment.

4. A Younger Appearance

Dental veneers have the most visible before-and-after results of any cosmetic dentistry treatment we offer. When your teeth look younger and healthier, you will too!

Who Should Get Veneers?

You might be wondering if porcelain veneers are right for you. Typically, we recommend them for situations involving:

● Severe discoloration
● Misshaped or short teeth
● Slightly chipped teeth
● Misaligned teeth
● Small gaps in your smile

Schedule Your Consultation

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